Birthday gift ideas for him

When choosing a birthday gift, you want it to be unique and one of a kind. The problem is, their are many birthday gift ideas for him to choose from. Only by understanding what they would enjoy most, can you then narrow down which gift would be a suitable choice. It is good idea to firstly consider whether they would appreciate a gift which is materialistic or an experience.

The next few questions you should ask yourself include:

What relationship do I have with him?
What interests does he have?
How much money am I willing to spend?

By narrowing down this information, only then are you on the right track to pick the most suitable birthday present.

Here are a few great examples of birthday gift ideas for him:

Birthday gift ideas for him

Exotic car hireBirthday gift ideas for him

Fulfil his desire to drive around the streets in a Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini for the day. For any car enthusiast, it is considered to be one of the best birthday gift ideas for him.

Runaway alarm clock

Force him to get out of bed the first time. This little beauty not only will set off an annoying tone when the alarm goes off but will literally roll around the room and only stop when it is caught and turned off.

Whiskey rocks

The perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur. Keep his special drink cold without watering it down.


For those who feel naked without anything on their fingers, get him a nice ring with some personalized engraving inside.


Give him some Bling with some new earrings


For the manly man who appreciates the finer things in life. A box of specialty cigars ought to get him smiling

Personalized Zippo lighter

The famous Zippo lighter never goes out of fashion. Give it a personalized touch and make it his own by getting one with his favorite footy team colors or famous rock band logo on it.

Dancing lessons

Get him into the groove by getting him to learn a few new moves.

Helicopter ride

Give him a new view of the city with a tour in a helicopter.


Change his scent to match his personality.

Customized photo album

Reminisce on good times with a customized photo album.

Remote control helicopter

Keep him entertained for hours with his very own mini helicopter


Keep him looking sharp with some new shades this summer


Make running late a thing of the past by getting him his very own watch.

Bonsai tree

A good bonsai tree is a great idea for someone who spends a lot of the time on a desk or office. Make it feel less corporate and easier on the eyes with his very own little tree.

Fountain pen

For those in the corporate world who appreciate a good pen.

Cuff links

Some things never go out of fashion, sharpen his look with a good set of cuff links.

Electric shaver

Give him a close shave with his very own electric shaver.

Water dancing speakers

A cool gadget which creates and awesome water and light show in beat with the music.

Mountain bike

For a man who needs a little push. Get him active again by getting him riding around the streets on a new mountain bike.

Retractable fishing rod

Getting ready for a fishing trip can be a pain if you don’t have enough room. This little beauty can be retracted to basically fit into your pocket.

BBQ gift set

Make sure he has the tools to be the master of the Barbeque.

Mobile phone case

Protect one of his biggest assets with a custom mobile phone case.

Itunes gift card

Keep things simple. If he uses Itunes and downloads music then this simple gift idea is the ticket.

Guitar lessons

Get him jamming with a new tune. Guitar lessons are not overly expensive and will get him learning a new skill.

Personalized mug

Try and find a mug with one of his favorite characters or football team, or better yet something that represents him.

Car wash kit

Purely for the car lovers. If he loves his ride then he will definitely appreciate the goods to take care of it. A set of sponges, soaps and polishes will do the trick.

Glass piece chess set

For those who always seem to be a step ahead. A nicely polished glass chess set is not only a great looking centerpiece for the house but a great way for him test his skills with others.

Fishing charter

One of the best birthday gift ideas for him if he is into his fishing. Give him the opportunity to catch that big Marlin by getting the professionals to take him to the hot spots.

Gold class movie tickets for 2

Allow him to indulge with plush seats, fine dining and the movie of his choice.

Magazine subscription

If it is all too hard and you’re still not sure what to get him, get a yearly magazine subscription to something which he already is buying or something which is of his interest. Example computers, sports, music, etc.

Tandem sky diving

The perfect gift for the passionate thrill seeker or someone who might want to conquer their fear of heights. This amazing experience will definitely give them a memory which they will never forget.

Shark diving experience

Scare the crap out of him by making him swim with some of the most ferocious creatures of the deep (Professionally monitored of course!).

Supercar drive day experience

For the passionate race car lover. No need looking for anymore birthday gift ideas, because this one takes the cake. Get their engine revving by jumping into a race car with an experienced instructor showing them tips and tricks on the racetrack for the day.

Jet boat ride

Get his adrenaline pumping in the water with a jet boat ride.

Aerobatic flight experience

Make him feel the G-force of an aerobatic plane barrel rolling and looping through the air.

Stunt driving school

Allow him to learn some cool driving stunts just like the pros in a controlled environment.

Defensive driving course

Keep him safe on the roads with a full day course going through common scenarios on the road and showing him the best way to tackle them.

BBQ cooking class

Every man needs to be able to master the humble BBQ. For those who haven’t mastered it yet, need to get it sorted. Now! Make this be the solution to your for your birthday gift ideas for him. Allow him to become the BBQ king with a few hints and tips from the professionals.

Kite surfing lessons

Give him lessons in the latest extreme sport. A sure adrenalin rush for any man who loves the outdoors.

Flyboard experience

Make him be one of the few people to try this amazing experience. Allow him to fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin all in the one experience!

Super bike hot lap

Not for the faint hearted! Get him holding on for his own life on a super bike hot lap with one of many great riders in the world.