Adult birthday party themes

Why should kids have all the fun? Make the birthday a night to remember by organising an adult birthday party theme to get everyone into the spirit of the event. Not sure what adult birthday party themes to choose? Look no further! Below you will find some of the best adult birthday party themes which will be a sure hit for your next birthday party event.

Adult birthday party themes 1 – Pimps & Hoes

One of the best adult birthday party themes to keep the laughs going throughout the night. Each guest is to dress up as either a Pimp or Hoe. They will later be judged by the audience for best dressed Pimp and Hoe for the night. On entry they will be handed novelty bling, fake money and walking canes to help them get into character for the night. Leopard and tiger print sheets can be used to cover walls with a TV screen playing old school RNB and Hip-hop music videos in the background.

A stripper pole can be incorporated into the theme to have a pole dance off where both pimps and hoes battle it out to see who it the best pole dancer for the night. Even consider getting an experienced pole diva to give tips to party guests.

Adult birthday party themes 2 – Doctors & nurses

Each Guest is to dress up as either a doctor or nurse. With a hospital theme in mind, a white backdrop with a graph of the human skeleton, an eye test and red platters with colored food dye will do the trick. On the drinking cup, stick a band aid on the outside of each one and use surgical tools for food utensils. Have a couple of the game ‘Operation’ on the tables so guests can test their skills throughout the night.

Adult birthday party themes 3 – Gym junkies

Each guest is to dress up as your typical gym junky. Drinks and alcoholic beverages are served in protein shakers. Dumbbell cookies, chocolate protein balls and a dumbbell birthday cake are great displays for a centrepiece. Towards the end of the night organize for their to be a pose down with each guest being in groups doing different poses. The winners are to be crowned Mr and Mrs Gym Junky.

Adult birthday party themes 4 – Las Vegas

As each guest arrives, give them a stack of poker chips to play with along with some cheap sunglasses and cheap Hawaiian shirts. Set up a few tables so different casino games can be played such as poker, blackjack, casino wars, spin the wheel and so on. Have a few people dress up and act as the designated Vegas employees (Such as walk around bartender, poker dealer, blackjack dealer, etc).

Adult birthday party themes 5 – When I grow up

Everyone can relive their childhood dreams by dressing up as what they wanted to be when they grew up (Example would be a fireman, Vet, rock star, etc). Try to bring back old memories with retro music and novelty toys and sweets from that era.

Adult birthday party themes 6 – Arabian nights

A gold, blue and purple theme. Each guest dresses in an Arabian costume such as a wealthy sheik or an Arabian belly dancer. Replace tables with smaller coffee tables and use large pillows so people sit on the floor. Scatter fake jewels and gold coins on the floor with a few plastic snakes lying around. Hire an experienced belly dancer for a few hours to give your guests some hints and tips on how to belly dance.

Adult birthday party themes 7 – Playboy

A dress up party where the guys wear bathrobes or smoking jackets like Hugh Hefner and the girls wear bunny ears and skimpy outfits. Hand out cigars and champagne in true Hef style! Create a large backdrop by copying the particulars of a playboy magazine and customising it so all the Hefs and bunnies can take their photo shoots for the playboy party magazine. A playboy logo birthday cake is a must!