Birthday party games

Birthday party games are essential to any well thought out birthday party. Get everyone into the spirit of the event by gathering some of the best birthday party games and getting them all involved to make the special day a birthday party to remember.

Kids birthday party games

Kids birthday party game 1 – Duck, duck, goose!

kids birthday party gamesGet them running and chasing each other around with laughter. A game for 4 or more children. Get them all sitting around in a circle with one child who is tagged. The child who is tagged must walk around the circle and tap each child’s head saying either duck or goose. Once a child is the goose, they must get up and try chase the tagged child outside of the circle. The aim is for the tagged child to sit in the gooses spot before being tapped by the goose.

If the goose cannot tap the tagged child then they become the tagged and the game continues. If they do tap the tagged child then the tagged child must sit inside the circle. The child in the middle cannot leave until another tagged child is tapped by the goose the then they are replaced.

Kids birthday party game 2 – Egg and spoon race

A classic game testing their balance which will have them all giggling away. You’ll need a few boiled eggs and a few teaspoons. Set out a path which the children must take which will eventually lead towards a finish line.

With each child receiving an egg and spoon, tell them to place the egg on top of the spoon and put one hand behind their back. When you tell them to go, they are to race around the path whilst balancing their egg until they reach the finish line. If the egg drops, they must start again.

Whoever balances their egg all the way to the finish line wins.

Kids birthday party game 3 – Cat and mouse

A great outdoor activity for 6 or more children. Ask for two volunteers for one to be a cat and one to be a mouse. The remaining children are to form a circle and hold hands. The player who is the mouse will stand inside the circle and the cat will stand outside the circle.

The aim of this game is for the mouse to get out of the circle and avoid being caught by the cat. The mouse must be constantly moving though cannot stay in the circle for more than 10 seconds. The cat is not allowed to come inside the circle though can reach inside and try grab the mouse.

The children in the circle have to avoid for the cat to get the mouse by allowing the mouse in and out of the circle by holding up their hands. They are also allowed to block the cats attempt in grabbing the mouse by standing in its way. If the mouse is caught then it turns into a new cat. The old cat joins the circle and a new mouse is taken from the group.

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Adult birthday party games

Adult birthday party game 1 – CharadesAdult birthday party games

On small pieces of paper, each guest must write on down 5 charade acts which are to be guessed (Example, a famous singer, a movie title, an animal, a music title, etc). They are to be then folded and placed in a hat or bowl. Without pointing or using any verbal communication, the host is to pick up one of the pieces of paper and perform the first act. The first player to come up with the correct answer goes up next. A tally score can also be noted for the total correct answers guessed for each guest.

Adult birthday party game 2 – Balloon shaving

A game which is sure to get messy! (An apron or change of clothes for the guests is recommended). Each player is to receive a balloon and a marker. They have 2 minutes to blow up the balloon, draw a face on it and apply shaving cream. Now give each player a plastic knife which is to be used as a razor.

On ‘Go!’, each player must shave the balloon without popping it. If they do pop it then they are able to get another balloon and start again. The first person to shave the balloon is the winner.

Adult birthday party game 3 – Pole dancing contest

Take adult birthday party games to new heights by installing a temporary stripper pole into you party venue to have a pole dancing contest. For both males and females, let them strut their stuff and have a pole dance off to try and win the audience over to be crowned pole diva of the night. An experienced pole dancer might be hired for an hour or two to get guests into the mood and learn a few tips of how to tackle the pole.

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Drinking birthday party games

Drinking birthday party game 1 – “I’ve never”

Has to be the ultimate in drinking birthday party games to have your guests giggling with laughter. Get each player to sit around a table with each player having a shot glass with alcoholic beverages on the table. A person starts off by making a statement which they have never done before. An example would be ‘ I’ve never been to the peed in a public pool.’ Anyone who has peed in a pool must take a shot.

If no one take a shot, meaning that they have never done so, then the player who made the statement must drink a shot. This will bring out the cunningness in some players as the rule of thumb is if you think they haven’t done it then don’t say it.

A few statement examples:

I’ve never lied about my age

I’ve never sucked someone’s toe

I’ve never lied to get a job

I’ve never been scared of the dark

I’ve never been a bully

Drinking birthday party game 2 – Go Fish card game

The aim of this game is to get rid of all your cards. Each player will receive 5 cards. The remaining cards will be spread in a circle (Upside down) around the table. A player will then pick a card up from the table, flip it over and place it in the middle.

Each player must then place a card of equal or higher value than the card originally placed in the centre. If they can’t, then they must pick up a card from the circle and take a sip of a drink. If all cards a played then they get placed back into a circle. The highest card laid down starts the next round. Note – More than 1 deck of cards can be used if needed.

If an Ace is placed down then everyone must pass the hand of cards to the left.

The last person to get rid of their cards must take a shot of alcohol.

Drinking birthday party game 3 – Brown paper bag

A fun game to watch, especially as the night goes on. A brown paper bag is opened up and placed on the floor. Each player must try and pick up the bag with their mouth only. In saying that, only their feet can be touching the floor. For every failed attempt, the player must down a shot. After each round, cut off about an inch off the top of the bag and start again. The question is, how low can your players go?

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