Easy party tricks

A party is not the same without a handful of easy party tricks to get everyone talking. Not only will it make everyone think that you are incredibly talented, it will also get them scratching their head for the rest of the evening as they try figure out how you did it.

Below, you will find some of the best easy party tricks to make your birthday celebration one to remember.

Easy party trick 1

Easy party tricksThis has to be the best easy party tricks of all time! Place 5 coins of different denominations on a table. Tell a guest that you are psychic and can guess which coin he picks. Turn around and ask him to hold the coin to his head and really concentrate on it. Wait for about 10 seconds and tell him to put it back.

What to do– Just feel the coins and choose the warmest one.

Easy party trick 2

Turn an empty bottle upside down and put it under a money note. Bet someone that they can’t get the note from under the bottle without touching it or knocking the bottle over.

What to do– Carefully roll up the note towards the bottle and keep rolling it up until it pushes itself against the bottle and comes out from underneath it.

easy party trick 3

Put 5 shot glasses in a row as followed: Empty glass, full glass, full glass, full glass, empty glass. Bet a guest that they can’t rearrange the shot glasses to line up empty glass, full glass, empty glass, full glass, empty glass by only moving one.

What to do- Drink the contents of the middle shot glass then put it back.

Easy party trick 4

Arrange 10 coins side by side and placed in the shape of a pyramid (The layers should consist of 4, 3, 2, 1). Bet  guest that they cannot make they pyramid point in the opposite direction by only moving 3 of the coins.

What to do– Remove the top 3 coins and place them on the other end.

Easy party trick 5

Drop a peanut into an empty drinking glass. Bet a guest that they can’t get it out without touching either the peanut or the glass.

What to do– Simply fill up the glass with water until it overflows.

Easy party trick 6

Bet a guest that you are able to drink a shot from an unopened bottle of wine (Make sure the wine bottle does not have a flat base)

What to do– Turn the wine bottle upside down and fill the base of it with a drink. Drink it and show them who’s the boss!

Easy party trick 7

Balance a money note on the top of an opened beer bottle and put 4 coins over the bottle mouth. Bet a guest that they cannot remove the note without touching the beer bottle or coins whilst keeping them on top of the bottle.

What to do– Pull on one side of the note so it is slightly tensioned then very quickly with your index finger, chop down onto the note between the bottle and where you are holding it.

Easy party trick 8

Line up 6 match sticks in a row and then another 5 match sticks in another row. Get a guest to turn the 11 matchsticks into 9 without taking any away.

What to do– Arrange the match sticks to spell the word NINE.

Easy party trick 9

Get a few beer bottle caps and bet a few guests that you can throw one twice as far as they can. Let them throw the bottle caps first.

What to do- Secretly place a coin in your bottle cap, bending the edges over to secure it without the guests knowing. Because it is heavier, you’ll be able to throw it much further and have all your guests stunned.