Belated birthday wishes

Lets face it, with busy lifestyles, it’s going to be inevitable that you forget someone’s birthday, though you don’t have to make it seem like a bad thing. Have fun with it and choose from a range of funny belated birthday wishes so they’ll be happy even though you’ve forgotten their birthday.

Belated birthday wishes

Good thing you are getting more patient the older you get. Happy belated birthday!

Don’t blame me for sending late birthday wishes. Your special everyday! Happy belated birthday anyway.

I know you had lots of birthday wishes yesterday, though guess who’s thinking of you today? Me, that’s who! Happy belated birthday!

In other parts of the world, it is customary to send birthday wishes on the day after the person’s birthday. I don’t know where, but apparently i’m from there. Happy belated birthday!

I wanted to make sure that you had an awesome birthday-week. Not just a birth-day! Happy belated birthday!

I didn’t want to remind you that you were getting older though I couldn’t help myself. Happy belated birthday.

These birthday wishes are late so you could celebrate your birthday longer. Happy belated birthday!

Although these belated birthday wishes will arrive a little late. You’re always wished much happiness, no matter what the date. Happy belated birthday!

They say nothing is impossible. I believe this is true because I never thought that I would forget you birthday. Sorry!

I know i forgot your birthday, but at least I didn’t forget that I forgot. Happy belated birthday!

Just because my birthday wishes are belated, doesn’t mean that my feelings for you are outdated. Happy belated birthday!

There are two types of people. One who forgets you and the other who just forgot your birthday. You can thank your lucky stars that I just forgot your birthday. Happy belated birthday!

Since we are so far apart, I think my wishes just took a little longer to reach you.

Forgetting a birthday doesn’t mean you forget a person. Remembering a birthday doesn’t mean you remember the person. Here is a genuine belated birthday and remembering the special person you are.

Lets make the most of my forgetfulness and celebrate your birthday yet another time today. Happy belated birthday!

Cheers to the nations biggest secret, your true age! Ha-Ha. Happy birthday!

I couldn’t be the first with the birthday wishes so at least I can be the last. I send to you these belated birthday wishes and hope you had a blast!

I feel so lucky to have a friend like you and I am sure you will forgive me when I say Happy belated birthday!

You know how I like to be fashionably late. Happy belated birthday!

Opps! Please forgive me and accept these belated birthday wishes!

I refuse to apologize for not remembering your birthday! I mean, how do you expect for me to remember when you never look any older?

I didn’t forget your birthday. I just felt as though you deserved more than one. Happy belated birthday!

I intentionally sent my birthday wishes late, just to prove how special you are to me. Not just on selected days of the year like some other people… Happy belated birthday!

Late but with love… Happy belated birthday!

I send to you a big warm hug to make up for my late wish. Happy belated birthday!

The greeting may be stale but the sentiments are fresh! Happy belated birthday, I hope you had a fantastic day!

May this be the least belated of all of your belated birthday wishes.

Let be be the first to offer you belated birthday wishes.

Here is something to consider. In some parts of the world, tomorrow is today and today is yesterday. In saying that, happy belated birthday!