Adult birthday party games

Why should kids have all the fun? There are various adult birthday party games which help to break the ice and make the occasion a fun and memorable one.

Adult birthday party games 1 – CharadesAdult birthday party games

On small pieces of paper, each guest must write on down 5 charade acts which are to be guessed (Example, a famous singer, a movie title, an animal, a music title, etc). They are to be then folded and placed in a hat or bowl. Without pointing or using any verbal communication, the host is to pick up one of the pieces of paper and perform the first act. The first player to come up with the correct answer goes up next. A tally score can also be noted for the total correct answers guessed for each guest.

Adult birthday party games 2 – Balloon shaving

A game which is sure to get messy! (An apron or change of clothes for the guests is recommended). Each player is to receive a balloon and a marker. They have 2 minutes to blow up the balloon, draw a face on it and apply shaving cream. Now give each player a plastic knife which is to be used as a razor.

On ‘Go!’, each player must shave the balloon without popping it. If they do pop it then they are able to get another balloon and start again. The first person to shave the balloon is the winner.

Adult birthday party games 3 – Pole dancing contest

Take adult birthday party games to new heights by installing a temporary stripper pole into you party venue to have a pole dancing contest. For both males and females, let them strut their stuff and have a pole dance off to try and win the audience over to be crowned pole diva of the night. An experienced pole dancer might be hired for an hour or two to get guests into the mood and learn a few tips of how to tackle the pole.

Adult birthday party games 4 – Three legged race

Prepare are start and finish line with a few obstacles which the guests will have to go through such as pool noodles, hula hoops, etc. Pair up all the racers and have them stand shoulder to shoulder. Tie the inner legs together at the ankle using a bandana or rope. On ‘Go’, they must work together as a team to manoeuvre around the obstacle course first to win.