21st birthday wishes

A 21st birthday is a milestone in itself as it’s a beginning of coming of age. As they begin to leap into the adult world filled responsibilities, it’s also a day to enjoy and cherish for many years to come. 21st birthday wishes should be short and meaningful as they begin to see the world in a different light.

Not sure what to write in your 21st birthday wishes? No problem! Below you will find a range of the best 21st birthday wishes to choose from to ensure you get the right message across.

21st birthday wishes

A 21st birthday is a big deal. You have proven to the world that you are responsible enough to become a legal adult. May you enjoy a drink and dance the night away as we celebrate now your wonderful birthday.

As it is your birthday, my 21st birthday wishes to you is that you take the road less travelled, and stop along the way every so often to enjoy the scenery.

At the age of 21, a whole new journey is ready to be taken as you begin to experience new adventures, misfortunes and life lessons. May you open your mind and open your heart to the endless amount of possibilities. Happy birthday!

To knowing better, being immature to doing it anyway, and being clever enough not to get caught! Happy 21st birthday!

My 21st birthday wishes to you is that you don’t close the door on your youth. For many take the plunge into adult life, yet they forget how to be young at heart.

Don’t look back and count the years as that is a well known trap. Live in the present and allow for adventure to make every year count. Happy 21st birthday and have a wonderful day!

I hope you enjoy your 21st birthday. Seriously! Because there’s no other fun birthday numbers to look forward to.

I’m not going to wish you a happy 21st birthday. I’m going to wish you a happy, legal hangover. Ha-Ha! Happy birthday anyway!

My 21st birthday wishes to you is that you have a wonderful time enjoying your night. May you be surrounded with faithful friends, create precious memories and find happiness wherever life may lead you.

To the most funny, sexy, talented person I know besides myself. Happy 21st birthday!

On this momentous occasion I ask for two simple requests: Be careful and have fun, as you turn the ripe age of 21.

Starting from today, your identification card will actually have your own picture! Ha-Ha! Happy 21st birthday!

On your 21st birthday night, the alcohol will taste a hell of alot better than the responsibility that comes alongside with it. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

I send these 21st birthday wishes to you as you become a responsible adult. Continue to reach for the stars and achieve all you dreams as you enjoy the journey called life.

The countdown to your 30’s has started, you’ve only got 9 more years to go. Until then, happy 21st birthday! Ha-Ha!

As you turn 21, remember to plan your future and work hard towards your dreams. Otherwise you will continue to work hard and fulfil the dreams of others.

The best way to remember your 21st birthday, is not to remember it at all. Happy birthday!

No one really knows what the future holds, no one can change the past. The only thing you can control is your life today, so live it with love and passion! Happy 21st birthday, and may all of you dreams come true.

Now you are legally able to do everything you have been doing since 15 years old! Ha-Ha! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st birthday! Wishing you the nicest things that life can bring your way. Not just for today, but for every day as a gem like you deserves nothing but the best in life.

Turning 21 is a big deal! You have survived long enough to prove to the world that you are responsible enough to become a legal adult. May the next 21 years bring joy to your life. Happy birthday!

21 and legal… Proceed with caution!!!

May your day be amazing and your night be a blur as you celebrate your birthday till the crack of dawn. Happy 21st birthday.

Congratulations on turning 21. You’re now old enough to buy your own drinks! Happy 21st Birthday!

21 is where you begin your own adventure, with your own expectations and dreams for the future. My 21st birthday wishes for you is that you gain the courage to live the life you want to live! Happy birthday!

Today is the day to celebrate you. Make this day the best day of the rest of your life! Happy 21st birthday!

21 birthday wishes are sent your way, to help you celebrate this special day. It’s time to wish and time to say, I hope you enjoy your 21st birthday!

It has been 21 years since you’ve been on this earth and every day of it has been a blessing. Happy birthday and may all of your deepest desires come true.

We have had many great memories over the years, though tonight it’s time to make many more now that you can legally drink. Happy 21st birthday!

My 21st birthday wishes to you is that you don’t drink too much now that your legal, otherwise you’ll get one of those common 21st birthday hangovers… May you enjoy yourself now that you are a LEGAL adult.

I am now in the great position to tell you that you are now LEGALLY allowed to drink and gamble from now on. Happy 21st birthday!

From this point forward, you can now legally do what you have been doing for many years… Happy 21st birthday!

Happy birthday! My 21st birthday wishes to you is that you fulfill all of your dreams, even your drunkest ones!

Now that you’re finally legal, it’s time to celebrate this joyous occasion… Let us all have a drink with the first round being on you. Ha-Ha! Happy 21st birthday!

On this day, may all your 21st birthday wishes come true, even all of the drunkest ones. Happy 21st birthday!