Birthday wishes for friend

Birthdays are an important day for many people. It can be seen as a time for reflection as they look back on their lives as well as look towards what they want to achieve in the future. Though most importantly, it is a time to gather family and friends together to celebrate that special someone’s day. Sometimes it can be hard to capture the right words to put together birthday wishes for friend, though it doesn’t have to be. Choose from a range of birthday wishes for friends that will allow you to pick the right one to share with your special friend.

Birthday wishes for friend

It’s safe to say that the world is a little more brighter because of you. Happy birthday and continue to let your light shine!

In this world, all we need is good family and good friends. You seem to fit into both categories. Happy birthday to one of the closest people I consider to call family.
I’m so grateful to have such a great friend like you. Now let’s go and party like it’s 1999!

May every year be a time to reflect on the beauty you have brought about into this world. Happy birthday!

Every day with you is a gift in itself. Happy birthday my friend, I am grateful to be apart of your life.

My life would not be as wonderful without having a dear friend like you. I wish you a happy birthday and hope you enjoy your day.

Many are unable to understand the meaning of the word friend. I feel as though I have understood it as the main source to all kinds of happiness and joy you could want out of life. Happy birthday my friend and thank you for being you.

They say good friends can be hard to find though true friends on the other hand can only be found once in a lifetime.

The journey of life is not the same without a companion to walk through it and share it all. It’s safe to say that I have been blessed with a true friend alongside this journey. Happy birthday and may all of your dreams come true.

Friend is just a word, but you are the one that gives it meaning. Happy birthday and have a great day!

To my most favourite person in the world. I wish on your birthday that you you receive all the favourite things you desire.

A friend remembers your birthday. A true friend remembers your birthday and not your age!

A friend is someone who knows you. A true friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you. Happy birthday my friend and enjoy your special day!

On this birthday of yours, I want to thank you for showing me what a true friend really is.

A friendship isn’t measured by its duration, rather by the memories and moments being shared. Although we haven’t been lifelong friends, I can confidently say that you are my best friend. Happy birthday and may you enjoy this wonderful day.

You know me more than anyone I know and yet you seem to stick around. You are either the best friend anyone could ask for or are just plain crazy. Regardless, happy birthday my dear crazy friend, here is to many more fun filled years to come.

No matter how far the distance may separate us, our friendship and memories will continue to hold us close. Happy birthday my old friend, may your special day be filled with endless joy and an oversized cake.

The sun could not shine as bright as the way that you are today. Happy birthday my dearest friend and hope you enjoy your day!

There is no way that I could keep a secret from you as you know me better than I know myself. Though know that I am grateful for having such an amazing friend like you in my life. Happy Birthday!

Friends may come and friends may go, though you have to be one of the most loyal friends I have ever known. Thank you for your friendship and I wish you nothing but happiness on this special day.

I was pulling my hair out trying to write birthday wishes for friend like you. So I thought I’d keep it simple, Happy birthday dear friend!

You are a good friend and an even better person. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a true friend. I am blessed to have you in my life and I wish you a birthday filled with joy, laughter and the things you most enjoy.

I could always count on my best friend for a shoulder to lean on, so on this birthday, lets have some drinks and celebrate what is to be a great night.

For my dearest friends birthday, may the stars align for the perfect night and may it be everything that you had hoped for.

Thank you for another year of keeping me sane. Lets hope to see if you can keep up! Ha-Ha Happy birthday my dear friend.

When writing birthdays wishes for friends it’s can be a struggle. For a best friend, it’s even harder! So just act like this message is amazing and inspirational. Thanks and happy birthday 🙂

Finding a great friend is like trying to find a four leaf clover. I just happened to get lucky. I wish you a happy birthday and that all of your dreams come true.

May your cake be sweet, your presents be expensive and your day be wonderful.

With each passing year, you seem to become even more crazier, wilder and livelier. Just the way I like it. Happy birthday my crazy friend.

Being young is a privilege. Being attractive is genetics. Being cool, well that’s just all you my friend. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best, greatest, funkiest, smartest and coolest friend anywhere in this whole wide world!

Happy birthday to my bestest friend in this world. May your troubles be few, just likes my grandmother’s teeth!

When the cake has been cut and the party is over, just know that my present may not have been the best, though i did send you the best birthday wishes for friend. After all you only deserve the best.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts who you are. Happy birthday my friend and have an amazing day.

No matter where life may take us, no matter we are. The memories from our friendship will remain in my heart forever. Happy birthday!

You may not be the only friend I have but you are the only one I need. Happy birthday my dear friend, may your day be all that you desire.

Sending a bouquet of happiness your way, to wish you a happy birthday!

A friend is someone who knows your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are… Even if you are getting older… Ha-Ha! Happy birthday!

I thought I would use a bra to describe my birthday wishes for friend. A good friend is like a good bra… Hard to find, always supportive, comfortable, lifts you up and is always close to your heart. Happy birthday my good bra Ha-Ha! May you enjoy this wonderful day!

Our friendship is my life’s biggest prize, you are nothing short of an angel in my eyes. Happy birthday my friend, may you be spoiled rotten!