Planning a Birthday party

Planning a birthday party can be stressful, especially if you dont have the know how. Use this easy to follow 10 step checklist to ensure you have covered all your bases to set your special occasion up for success.

Planning a Birthday party

Planning a Birthday party 1 – Decide when you are going to have the party

Planning a birthday party

When planning a birthday party, a recommendation would be to have kids parties between mid morning and mid afternoon as children can start to become a little unsettled as night begins to fall. As for teens to adults, afternoon to night would be more preferred as it allows for the guests to finish work and allow enough time to get ready for the party.

Planning a Birthday party 2 – Pick a venue

Where are you going to have the party? Is it going to be a big event or is it going to be just a little social get together? Venues can range from the local hall, to a fancy restaurant to home sweet home.

Planning a Birthday party 3 –  Determine which theme you are going to have

Decide on a theme which will please the guest of honor and that will also get the guests into the spirit of the party.

Planning a Birthday party 4 – Work on a budget

Decide on how much money you can spend for the party then write down each element of the party (Such as decorations, food, drinks, etc). Then roughly work out how much each element will cost. By doing so, it will allow for you to know ho much you can spend without leaving anything out and without breaking the bank.

Planning a Birthday party 5 –  Write a list of who to invite

Keep it simple, only invite the guests which you want there and in turn, want to be there! Parties can be great to invite people you want to get to know better or to become closer within the group/family. Remember, you have to factor in that some people may not be able to attend the party so keep that in mind.

Planning a Birthday party 6 –  Make invitations

You don’t have to make them though it does make it a little more exciting if you put more effort in. If you don’t have the time then you can simply buy them from your local news agency or if you’re really pushing with time then a simple text message will do the trick. Be sure to put RSVP on the invitations so you have an indications of how many people will be attending.

Planning a Birthday party 7 –  Decide on food and drink choices

Themes can have a part in what food choices you may have but the major thing to consider is what the guests will actually eat. If you’re unsure what they like, simply ask!

It really comes down to personal preference, ranging from finger foods, casual BBQ to a sit down dinner. As for the drink choices, make sure to be stocked up with peoples favorite beverages (Chilled of course). Be weary with how much alcohol you put up on offer as it can lead to it turning into a messy night, unless that’s what you want to achieve.

Planning a Birthday party 8 – Plan a music playlist

What’s a party without music! Many people cover all bases when planning a birthday party though dont put much effort into their music playlist. Pick music which will get the guests into the mood and be in spirit of the party. You can download music from the internet, buy some CD’s or tell a few of the guests to bring some tunes.

Planning a Birthday party 9 – Set up decorations, lighting and environment

The venue needs to be personalised to get that good vibe going. You can do this in many ways such as blowing up some balloons, hanging some streamers, hiring a fog machine and so on. With a birthday theme in place, make sure you capture the spirit of that theme within the venue,

Planning a Birthday party 10 – Plan some party games

Party games are a great way for guests to break the ice early on and encourage them to mingle and interact throughout the party. Pick a few games and decide what will be appropriate in order to get a few people out of their shells and having some fun.