Girl birthday party themes

A girls birthday party is a momentous occasion as they meet new friends and celebrate their special day. Make it one of the best, by selecting one of many girl birthday party themes to get them all into the spirit of the event where they will cherish the memories for years to come.

Girl birthday party themes 1 – Peppa Pig

A sure favorite for girl birthday party themes as Peppa pig becomes a household name. A pink themed party, have plush toys dispersed around the room with cut outs of the favorite characters displayed on the walls and the TV series on a screen playing in the background. Play the musical chair game but replace the chairs with brown cardboard cutouts of muddy puddles. Each time you restart the game, you take away a muddy puddle.

Girl birthday party themes 2 – Princess

A pink, purple and white theme. As each guest arrives, add a touch of blush to their cheeks and give them a tiara and crown to wear. Create some raspberry sandwiches cut into love heart shapes along with some pink lemonade.

As an activity have the children decorate their tiaras and crown with gem stones, stickers, and glitter pens. Once everyone have finished, its time for a parade. Have them parade around the venue with some musical instruments such as tambourines or drums along with some background music.

Girl birthday party themes 3 – Minnie Mouse

A pink and white theme. On entry, each guest receives a pair of Minnie mouse ears with a big pink bow. Disperse cut outs of Minnie mouse around the room and put pink buckets with a photo of Minnie filled with plush toys for the children to play with. Print out a copy of Minnie mouse and laminate to use as a place mat. Create some cupcakes with two chocolate buttons to represent Minnie mouse’s ears.

For a fun activity, have the children create thumbprint mice. Have the children lightly dip their thumb in ink (Stamp pad) and press it on a piece of paper, with some markers or crayons, they must then draw ears and a tail to turn it into a mouse.

Girl birthday party themes 4 – Winnie the pooh

Red and yellow theme. Put a sign on your front door which says ‘welcome to 100 acre wood’. Be sure to print out pictures of Winnie and friends and place around the room. As a centrepiece, get a brown clay pot and write honey on the side, on the top paint with yellow to resemble honey. Inside the pot fill with yellow cellophane paper with plush toys and attach a few balloons. Ensure all desserts include honey as to the theme such as honey on toast, honey joys and so on.

For activities, print out a picture of Eeyore and play pin the bow on Eeyores tail. Have a jar mixed with yellow and black jelly beans, as each guest arrives get them to guess how many bees are in the jar and get them to write their name and guess on a sticker which will be placed next to the jar. At the end of the day, the child with the closest guess gets to take the jar home.

Girl birthday party themes 5 – Power rangers

Print out some cut outs of the power ranger characters and place them around the room. Create some cupcakes with color rings on top to match the 6 colors of the power rangers. Make some fruit swords (fruit skewered on a wooden stick), Little sushi rolls in line with the samurai theme. After all the children have had a cupcake and put on their power ranger ring, hand every child a foam sword (Cut a pool noodle into sections) and organize for an adult to dress up and play the villain. Have the villain run around the room with the children having to defeat him.

Girl birthday party themes 6 – Barbie

Pink, purple and white theme. As each guest arrives, give the girls a tiara and the boys a crown. Hang colored streamers over door walkways so guests have to walk through them. As a centerpiece, place a vase full of pink flowers with Barbie dolls around it.

As for an activity, organize some blank cardboard cutouts of a Barbie doll and have the children color and accessories their Barbie doll. When they have all finished, organize that they do a runway show to show off their new Barbie.

Girl birthday party themes 7 – Sesame Street

Place a lot of colorful letters and numbers on the walls such as ‘ABC’ and ‘123’. Bake cookie monster cookies. Buy some Sesame street hand puppets and plush toys and place them around the room. Have a screen set up with the TV series playing in the background and disperse counting block and alphabet toys on the tables. For the finishing touch hire an Elmo costume and dress up for the day.

Girl birthday party themes 8 – Onesies

Condition of entry is that all little guests must wear a onesie to the party. Onesies are a one piece attire outfit which can range from animal themed to corporate. They are relatively cheap and a sure way to get everyone into the spirit of the party. There are many different little outfits to wear which is sure to get a few giggles going.