Birthday invitation ideas

To make a birthday special, you need to ensure you start it off with the right invitation. You’ll find an overview on how to create a great, personalised invitation with these great birthday invitation ideas.

What to include on birthday party invitations?Birthday invitation ideas

The basics to include are obviously the person’s party which you are going to celebrate, how old they are turning, the address of where it will be held as well as the time and date of the party. If it is a themed party, you need to indicate what attire should be worn along with the RSVP date to notify if they will be attending.

Birthday invitation ideas to consider

There are many ways which you can invite guests whether it be to post it the old fashioned way or to send it electronically.

Do it yourself

There are some great internet sites which offer some creative birthday invitation ideas and also have invitation templates which can be altered to your liking. All you need to do is just fill in the required information and print it directly off the site. A great site to visit is

Professionally made

If you have a few photos of the birthday boy/girl saved on your phone or USB device, you can go to a local printer shop and get them to make the invitations for you. They will be able to use pre-made invitation templates incorporating your photo and print it out on high gloss photo paper. The invite shouldn’t cost more the $1.00 per print.

Invite pads

You can purchase a pre-made invitation pad with some envelopes from the local shop to keep it simple. If you want to jazz it up abit, you can place some decals or sticks to give it a personal touch.

Via Facebook

The latest trend is to host an event on Facebook and only invite close family and friends as you choose. You are able to upload a brief description of the party along with photos of the theme you want to portray and you are able to get a quick response one they read it with a ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘maybe’ response

Via phone message

If you’re pushing with time or are a little lazy when it comes to planning then a simple SMS will do the trick. Just remember to add all essential information to save yourself from getting 101 different questions back.