18th birthday wishes

An 18th birthday is the pinnacle to any teenager, as they make their transition in becoming an adult. A short simple birthday wish will do the trick, providing them with inspiration and support they need as they begin the next chapter of their life. Not sure what to write in your 18th birthday wishes? Don’t sweat it! Below you will find a range of the best 18th birthday wishes and messages to choose from, to help make their birthday celebration a memorable one.

18th birthday wishes

Congratulations on finally becoming an adult and welcome to an exciting new journey. I’m excited to see where you take it from here and I send you your 18th birthday wishes.

Now that you have just turned 18, you are now responsible for your own mistakes. As you get older you’ll realise that they don’t seem to stop at any age.

May your new discovered future be bright. As to us, you will always be the source of never ending light. Happy 18th birthday!

Welcome to adulthood! Remember, after turning 18, it’s all downhill from here. Ha-Ha! Happy birthday!

For you, I send these 18th birthday wishes. I know that you will do wonderful things!

I am lucky today because I get to celebrate the life of someone I love very dearly. As you begin to explore the adult world, I know that your morals will guide you to bring joy to the lives of many. Happy 18th birthday to one of the most beautiful adults I know.

These are the years where you are not very young nor are you very old. For you my only wish is that you are very happy with whatever you choose to do. Happy 18th birthday.

Welcome to the joys of adulthood where there’s only one rule… No rules! Ha-Ha. Happy birthday! But just be careful because those pesky police may get you!

Now that you’re 18, and legally an adult. Make sure you grow up, but never grow old!

Adulthood is calling your name on your 18th birthday. May you pave the path of living an intentional life that you are proud to live. Happy birthday!

As you turn 18 years old, I am unable to comprehend how quickly life passes by. I look at you and feel proud as I now see a grown adult standing before me.

As many years have passed by, I can believe I am giving you your 18th birthday wishes. Just know that no matter what obstacles may arise, I will always be there to guide you.

Happy 18th birthday! Welcome to adulthood! Now go pick up all your clothes off the floor and go make your bed!!

Wishing you all the happiness and success in this world as we celebrate your 18th birthday. All you have to do is do your part in waking up before noon! Ha-Ha! Happy 18th birthday!

On your 18th birthday, I hope you have a wild and crazy party! But not too crazy! You are now old enough to be thrown into jail! Ha-Ha! Happy 18th birthday!

A bright future lies within your 18 year old hands. Show everyone how awesome you are by being responsible for your dreams!

Happy 18th birthday! Now you are legally able to do everything you were doing since you were 15! Ha-Ha! Happy 18th birthday!

Say goodby to being a kid, you’re finally an adult now! Happy 18th birthday!