Drinking birthday party games

Parties a meant to be fun and enjoyed with many family members and friends. With plenty of food and celebratory drinks, it allows for people to come together and celebrate the guest of honors birthday. Throw a few drinking games in the mix and you have yourself one of the best parties ever. Drinking birthday party games allow for any tension to be broken as the guests get into the spirit of the game and let loose to what will be a birthday party to remember!

Drinking birthday party games 1 – “I’ve never”

Has to be the ultimate in drinking birthday party games to have your guests giggling with laughter. Get each player to sit around a table with each player having a shot glass with alcoholic beverages on the table. A person starts off by making a statement which they have never done before. An example would be ‘ I’ve never been to the peed in a public pool.’ Anyone who has peed in a pool must take a shot.

If no one take a shot, meaning that they have never done so, then the player who made the statement must drink a shot. This will bring out the cunningness in some players as the rule of thumb is if you think they haven’t done it then don’t say it.

A few statement examples

I’ve never lied about my age

I’ve never sucked someone’s toe

I’ve never lied to get a job

I’ve never been scared of the dark

I’ve never been a bully

Drinking birthday party games 2 – Go Fish card game

The aim of this game is to get rid of all your cards. Each player will receive 5 cards. The remaining cards will be spread in a circle (Upside down) around the table. A player will then pick a card up from the table, flip it over and place it in the middle.

Each player must then place a card of equal or higher value than the card originally placed in the centre. If they can’t, then they must pick up a card from the circle and take a sip of a drink. If all cards a played then they get placed back into a circle. The highest card laid down starts the next round. Note – More than 1 deck of cards can be used if needed.

If an Ace is placed down then everyone must pass the hand of cards to the left.

The last person to get rid of their cards must take a shot of alcohol.

Drinking birthday party games 3 – Brown paper bag

A fun game to watch, especially as the night goes on. A brown paper bag is opened up and placed on the floor. Each player must try and pick up the bag with their mouth only. In saying that, only their feet can be touching the floor. For every failed attempt, the player must down a shot. After each round, cut off about an inch off the top of the bag and start again. The question is, how low can your players go?

Drinking birthday party games 4 – Sucker of the night

A sure way to get the laughs going! Get enough baby bottles for each player filled with any choice of alcohol (Approx. 120ml bottle). When told, each player must then suck until the bottle is completely empty. The winner is labeled the sucker for the night. The sucker is allowed to give the order to any of the other players to down a shot. The last to finish in the contest must also down a shot. Note – Make sure you get the same sized nipples for each player and make sure they aren’t newborn ones as the game will drag on all night.

Drinking birthday party games 5 – Shots!

Download the video clip of Shots by LMFAO and Lil John (Youtube can be used if needed). Have it ready to be played loud on a main screen at the venue where everyone can hear and see it. As each guests arrives tell them on condition of entry that they must drink a shot every time ‘Shots’ is played. Have the clip set to the main chorus (Approx. 1:18 minutes into the video). Have it planned that every 45 minutes that the clip is played. It’s a fun way to get everyone partying into the night.