16th birthday wishes

A 16th birthday is an important birthday for young people, as it is a coming of age period as they begin to make their transition into becoming an adult. In some instances, it is when they are legally able to drive a vehicle, in others, its when they are able to take on more responsibilities to get a taste of what it’s like to be an adult. Well written 16th birthday wishes have the ability to inspire them and show them they have support as they begin the next chapter of their life.

Finding the right words for 16th birthday wishes can feel a little daunting, which is why we have compiled some of the best 16th birthday wishes and messages for you to choose from, to make sure you are confident in selecting the right one.

16th birthday wishes

My 16th birthday wishes to you is that you live a life full of wonder, excitement and good fortunes. May you see your life’s full potential and enjoy each and every moment of it.

Happy 16th birthday! Turning 16 is a fascinating time. It is a time when you are young enough to dream and now old enough to make those dreams come true. Pursue you dreams and fulfil all that you desire in this life.

I send these 16th birthday wishes to one of the most caring, deserving and hardest working human beings I have ever known. May you continue to aim towards the moon and be able to one day gaze upon the stars. Happy 16th birthday!

Turning 16 may only last one year, but the life experiences you receive can last an entire lifetime. Enjoy each moment on this new phase of your life.

To think that you have only been on this earth for 16 years, yet you have already contributed so much to each and every person around you here today. May you continue to flourish into a fine example of what an adult should be. Happy 16th birthday!

All eyes are on you as today is your day. Happy 16th birthday! May you enjoy this moment and all of what life has to offer.

This is going to be your first and only 16th birthday party, so make sure you enjoy it with no regrets! Dance until you drop, smile until your cheeks hurt, and laugh until you need to catch your breath, as you only deserve to have nothing less than a good time. Happy 16th birthday beautiful, may you enjoy your special day.

So many people at your age want time to speed up so they can grow up faster. My 16th birthday wish to you is that you be patient and enjoy all that life has to offer. Their will be plenty of time to grow up, for now, enjoy this moment of being sweet 16. Happy 16th birthday, may you enjoy this beautiful day!

I wish a happy birthday to one of the most brightest, funnest and sensible 16 year olds I know. Out of everyone I have ever met, you are the one that deserves nothing but the best on this special day. Thank you presence and I hope you enjoy your present!

At 16 the world is your oyster. You are able to do anything you put your mind to, as long as you’re bold enough to reach out and grab it. My 16th birthday wish to you is that you have the courage and determination to expect nothing less than the best that you deserve.

Happy birthday! My 16th birthday wishes for you is that you live a life full of fun and enjoyment together with all of the people who truly adore you!

At 16, you have earned the right to eat more cake, become more annoying and demand more allowance… But don’t tell your parents I said that. Ha-Ha! Happy 16th birthday!

Happy birthday! You are the craziest teenager I have ever come across! May your 16th birthday be even more crazy and fun.

Some things get better with age, you are definitely one of them. Happy 16th birthday!

Happy 16th birthday! May your day be filled with beautiful moments and magical thoughts.