Birthday wishes for cousin

A cousin is typically a child’s first friend where a bond is created that can last a whole entire lifetime. A cousin is not only just another family member, but more often than not, a childhood friend that extends long into adulthood. That is why finding the right words to use for birthday wishes for cousin can be a difficult one.

That is why we have compiled some of the best birthday wishes for cousin so you can pick and choose the right words so it becomes personalised and meaningful for your cousin.

Birthday wishes for cousin

It felt like only yesterday we were running around, causing trouble and making our parents want to pull all of their hair out. Who would have known that we would have grown up and become great examples for our own kids… Well mostly, Ha-Ha! Happy birthday my dearest cousin, may you have a fantastic day!

I have to honestly say that I feel blessed to have such a supportive, caring, beautiful cousin like you. On this birthday of yours, may it be all that you have wished for, followed by plenty of laughter and love from the whole family.

Growing up, I have to say that I have no regrets, and that’s only because I had an amazing cousin like you to share it with. Happy birthday my partner in crime, may we celebrate late into the night!

I’m glad that I have a cousin like you. No matter of life’s ups and downs, you always knew how to make me smile. May your birthday bring you many gifts and plenty of love from all of our friends and family.

Words cannot describe what it is like to have such an amazing cousin. I am sure that you know what I am talking about ;). Happy birthday my beautiful cousin, may you enjoy your special day!

When we were growing up, I couldn’t wait for all of the family gatherings we had. Only because it was when we would team up and cause mischief. Now that we have grown up and we have all gathered here for your birthday, how about we continue the tradition one more time for old times sake. Ha-Ha! Happy birthday cousin!

Birthday wishes for cousin is a hard topic for me, mainly because I find it hard to describe what it is that you mean to me. May this birthday of yours be filled with plenty of love and laughter.

When growing up I always wanted a sibling. But instead, I got one better. I was blessed with a cool cousin instead. Happy birthday!

Once upon a time, on this day, a cool cousin was born. How lucky am I? Happy birthday my beautiful cousin, may you have a fantastic day!

Regardless of the time that stands between us, it always feels like we were just together yesterday having a laugh and creating new memories. Happy birthday cousin, enjoy this special day.

Happy birthday! No matter how old you get from each passing birthday, I will always see you as my youngest, smartest little cousin.

The only reason why God made us cousins is because he knew that our mothers couldn’t handle us if we were siblings. Ha-Ha! Happy birthday my partner in crime, may your birthday be all that you wished for, and more!

Smart… Funny… Charismatic… It’s no wonder you’re all these things and more… Its because were related of course! Ha-Ha! Happy birthday my special cousin, I hope you enjoy your day!

Regardless of you being my cousin, to me, you are the flower in my lifes landscape. Happy birthday by dearest cousin, I hope you have a phenomenal day!

Having a great cousin like you is one of the best gifts ever to me. You always seem to inspire me and lift me up when I may be feeling low. May you continue to share this gift with many more people and continue to be an inspiration to the whole family. Happy birthday my beautiful cousin.

Birthdays come and birthdays go though cousins like you last forever! Happy birthday my dearest cousin, may you have a fantastic day!